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Business Insurance in Michigan Protects You from Natural Disasters

You’re about to live the American Dream. You just need to finish some paperwork and you’ll be opening your own business soon enough. Hopefully, some of that paperwork includes an application for business insurance in Michigan, particularly business property insurance.

Know Your Options: Home Insurance in Michigan for Your Fixer-Upper

For prospective homeowners in Michigan who are on a tight budget, a fixer-upper house can be an attractive option as they browse through property listings. Buying an affordable but slightly broken-down house to refurbish can sometimes be the more sensible choice compared to buying a brand-new yet very expensive one. However, there are some pitfalls…

Survey Says: Michigan Auto Insurance Rates are Highest in the Nation

Your 16 year old has passed his driver’s education course, and now you plan on holding true to your promise to buy him a secondhand car of his choice. At the car dealership, everything seems to be going well with your purchase, that is, until your agent tells you the amount that will be added…

Cincinnati Financial Named America’s Most Trustworthy Financial Company

Allied Insurance Managers has had the opportunity to work closely with and represent Cincinnati Financial for many years. We are eager to share their prestigious honor with all of our customers. You can see how Cincinnati compares to other companies in the industry by following this link:  

Good Michigan Home Insurance Protects Homes from Mother Nature’s Fury

The home is easily one of the biggest investments a family will ever make. However, there are all kinds of things that can put that investment in great jeopardy. For one, the weather can turn extreme and wreak all kinds of havoc on many homes, as pointed out by an April 13, 2014 article:

Motor City Madness: How to Avoid Michigan Auto Insurance Rate Increase

As a young car owner, nothing beats sitting in those soft leather seats, breathing in that new car smell, and hearing your engine purr. At this point, you might think about how many young people also have their own cars and the fact that you’re lucky to have one under your name. According to a…

Michigan Business Insurance Key to Security as Local Economy Improves

Becoming an entrepreneur in any economy can be a daunting task. However, with the recent developments in Michigan, such as the passing of a tax reform plan and the funding of student start-ups by the Michigan Business Challenge, the more enterprising residents are encouraged to throw in their lot and open their own business. The…

Why you can Rest Easy about Michigan Home Insurance Claims this Year

Here is some great news for Grand Rapid residents from Insurance Journal: “Grand Rapids, Mich., plans to spend $4.2 million to repair and improve its floodwall system, after engineers identified weaknesses exposed by a storm last spring that flooded the Grand River which threatened to swamp the city.